Lake Erie is called the walleye capital of the world for good reason.  With back-to-back tremendous walleye hatches in 2014 and 2015, the fishing outlook is superb for many years to come.  Most all of those 2014 and 2015 fish have reached legal size now, with some older giants still being caught on a regular basis.  God’s Grace is set up to target deep water migratory fish during the summer months.  However, one of the most exciting way to experience walleye dishing is during a May near shore night fishing troll targeting resident fish.  Summer walleye will run from June through September.


Perch were absolutely abundant a couple years ago and can still be had in good numbers on the right day.  However, it seems to be a trend that when walleye numbers are very high, it can be a bit tougher to find the perch.  Recent strong hatches are improving the perch fishing forecast.  Perch charters are available all summer long.

Lake Trout

Lakers are the Captain’s personal favorite target and regarded by the crew aboard God’s Grace as a trophy fish.  Strong lake trout fishing will run through April and May and again in November.


We don’t normally target steelhead on our summer trips, because the walleye fishing is just so dang good.  However, it is common to pick a couple up by accident during our summer walleye trips, so you will want to be sure to have your trout stamp added to your license.

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