A Word From Your Captain

lane-brownIt’s important for you to know that God’s Grace Sportfishing is significantly different than most charters out there.  I have resisted my wife’s wishes for me to start a charter service for quite sometime, primarily because I have fished with several quality charter services myself, and just didn’t enjoy the charter service.  I always felt in my experiences that the mate was doing all the fishing and I just got handed the pole when it was my turn to reel one in.

What I enjoy is just taking my friends fishing!  You may or may not have a mate on a trip with me, but rest assured, you will be fishing, not just reeling on God’s Grace.  It’s my goal to provide the knowledge, equipment, and teach/help you to do your fishing as much as your desire and ability allows.  We are still there to handle your fish or bait, or whatever is needed, but I feel you will have a much better experience if you have something invested (besides money).

God’s Grace is also not your typical large fiberglass charter vessel.  It is an open bow aluminum boat that lends itself better to my style of fishing.  The biggest drawback to this is lack of a private head.

Last but not least, as a Christian captain, I want to treat you in a way that leaves you with a smile on your face when you leave the boat.  While I cannot guarantee the fish will bite, I can guarantee that if you don’t think we worked above and beyond to make your trip a pleasure, you let me know and there will no charge.

Thank You,
Captain Lane

Phone (814) 671-3035 E-mail Hours April - November: Monday - Saturday
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